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    Vestel brings 71- and 58-inch 21:9 Cinema TVs to IFA, Europe next

    Vestel brings 71- and 58-inch 21:9 Cinema TVs to IFA, Europe next

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    You'll be forgiven for not being immediately familiar with who Vestel is. The Turkish company does most of its business on the OEM front, where it has manufactured TVs for the likes of Hitachi, Toshiba and Medion. This week at IFA, the company put on quite a show with its range of 21:9 Cinema TVs, of which we saw the 58-inch and 71-inch models. There's also apparently a variant in the 60-inch range, but we didn't get to lay eyes on its wide frame. Of the TVs that we did see, we can say that their physical design is exactly what you'd expect from an OEM: uncomplicated, minimal, and generally pretty svelte too. We rather liked Vestel's choice of a muted matte finish, which marks a refreshing change from the usual glossy numbers.

    All panels come with a 120Hz refresh rate and Full HD 3D mode, the latter of which is done via the patterned retarder method, meaning you'll only need the lighter-weight passive 3D glasses to enjoy content with some more depth. We tried to unearth pricing and release information from Vestel, but the staff at the show only had the OEM pricing and weren't willing to disclose that to us. The plan is, however, to bring these 21:9 Cinema TVs to Europe and potentially other markets as well. See a few more photos of them after the break.

    Vestel 71- and 58-inch 21:9 Cinema TVs hands-on photos