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Ikea and Sonos’ second-gen Symfonisk bookshelf speakers get a light refresh

Your Google home speakers are about to get slightly worse because Sonos sued and won

The company says you’ll have to manually adjust the volume for each speaker

Sonos wins major patent infringement victory against Google

Amazon’s excellent Smart Thermostat is even more affordable today

Sonos announces plans to make its products more efficient and repairable

Sonos now supports Amazon Music’s Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos tracks

Govee’s immersive backlights are an affordable way to make your TV glow

Sonos could soon announce a smaller, more affordable Sub Mini subwoofer

Sonos finally adds DTS audio support to its home theater lineup

Sonos’ voice assistant might work alongside Alexa but not the Google Assistant

Ikea’s latest Sonos lamp speaker is still an acquired taste

Better looks, easier bulbs, still niche

Verge Tech Survey 2021

After a year of the pandemic, we asked Americans if their trust in big tech companies has changed — and if the biggest ones should be broken up

Sonos Beam (second-gen) review: Atmos(t) a minor upgrade

Sonos says Google is blocking it from offering more than one voice assistant at once

Ikea and Sonos announce new Symfonisk lamp speaker, coming October 12th

Sonos just fixed the main drawback of its excellent Roam portable speaker

Sonos announces second-gen Beam soundbar with Dolby Atmos

Today is the last day to save up to $100 on Sonos speakers

Sonos raises prices for majority of products amid supply chain crunch

Ikea and Sonos’ second-generation Symfonisk lamp leaks with swappable lampshades

A judge has ruled that Google infringed on Sonos’ patents

A Sonos survey suggests the company might build a voice assistant of its own

Ikea and Sonos picture frame speaker review: wall of sound

The latest Symfonisk collaboration is another attempt to camouflage tech in the home

Ikea and Sonos announce picture frame speaker, coming July 15th for $199

Ikea’s Sonos-powered picture frame speaker is on its website right now

What’s on your desk, Brandon Widder?

Sonos updates the One SL to make it more power efficient and recyclable

Ikea is working with Sonos on a hidden speaker built into art you hang on the wall

Sonos Roam review: portable potential

The tiny, lightweight speaker has a ton of functionality, but don’t expect sound quality miracles

Sonos partners with Audi to bring its audio tech to cars

Sonos Roam officially announced for $169, preorders start now

The most versatile Sonos speaker yet will ship on April 20th

Sonos Roam will include Auto Trueplay and new ‘Sound Swap’ feature