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For more than 25 years, Sony’s PlayStation has been synonymous with gaming. It's given players experiences like God of War, The Last of Us, and Final Fantasy VII alongside technological innovations from CD-ROMs all the way up to 4K, VR, and cloud gaming. There have even been attempts at portable gaming with the PSP and Vita. Across multiple generations the company has been a pioneer, starting with the original PlayStation and continuing with the PS5.

The world’s first PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’ now exists thanks to a YouTuber

Sony could have a trio of new gaming headsets on the way

Uncharted will fly out of a plane screaming and onto Netflix in July

Sony’s new Bits update can turn boring game captures into works of art

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Sony’s Gran Turismo film hits theaters in August 2023

Sony’s new PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers are now live in the US

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Everybody’s going to space

The Last of Us Part I remake is coming to PS5 on September 2nd and PC someday

How to buy a PlayStation 5

Costco members can buy a PlayStation 5 bundle right now (update: sold out)

Everything we learned from Final Fantasy XVI’s new trailer

Horizon, Resident Evil Village, and more are coming to PlayStation VR2

Stray, the cyberpunk cat simulator, is now coming out in July

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is coming to PC in August

Resident Evil 4 remake is coming to PS5, Xbox, and PC in March 2023

Walmart’s scheduled PlayStation 5 restock is happening now (Update: sold out)

You can request an invite to buy a PS5 on Amazon

Sony’s next State of Play will offer a sneak peek at PSVR2’s games

PlayStation keeps pushing into TV and film with a Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series

PlayStation VR2 set to launch with over 20 ‘major’ games

Sony wants around half its games to be on PC and mobile by 2025

PlayStation accessories and games are discounted for Sony’s Days of Play

Sony fixes PlayStation Plus subscription pricing error

The PS5 is available directly from Sony at 4PM ET, and you can start queueing now (Update: sold out)

PS5 console covers will be available in three new galactic colors in June

Sony doesn’t want you to know that it’s donating $100K for reproductive rights

Fortnite’s shared V-Bucks wallet will soon support PlayStation

Sony’s new PlayStation Plus subscriptions launch June 13th, and here’s the list of games

The Nintendo Switch has now outsold the PS4 in the US

Elden Ring on PlayStation is $10 off at Amazon