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For more than 25 years, Sony’s PlayStation has been synonymous with gaming. It's given players experiences like God of War, The Last of Us, and Final Fantasy VII alongside technological innovations from CD-ROMs all the way up to 4K, VR, and cloud gaming. There have even been attempts at portable gaming with the PSP and Vita. Across multiple generations the company has been a pioneer, starting with the original PlayStation and continuing with the PS5.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II beta arrives next month, and here’s when you can play

Sony’s 27-inch 4K gaming monitor is good but not $900 good

It offers a full array of features aimed squarely at gamers

The God of War comes to Xbox, sort of

US gamers are spending a lot less on video games now than they did in 2021

PSA: Check your email — Amazon is sending out invites to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X

Sony says no one used its anonymous Accolades on PS5, so they’re going away

Get a year of PlayStation Plus Essential for just $40 for a limited time

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Here are the best accessories for your new PlayStation 5

Sony’s got another queue to buy the PS5, and it’s open now

The first official PlayStation-friendly iPhone controller is a Backbone One

Sony starts testing 1440p support for PS5

Sony’s queue to buy a PS5 is open again (update: sold out)

Eight Yakuza games will be added to PlayStation Plus this year

You can join Sony’s queue to buy a PS5 right now

How to buy a PlayStation 5

MultiVersus, WB’s free-to-play crossover brawler, launches in open beta

PlayStation VR2 lets you broadcast yourself stumbling around in VR games

Guerrilla Games is shutting down multiplayer servers for two Killzone games

The Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation 5 bundle is available at Best Buy (update: sold out)

The Last of Us’ PS5 remake includes a speed run mode and smarter AI

The PlayStation Summer Sale is offering rare deals on games like The Quarry and Sifu

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will support DLSS and ultrawide monitors on PC

PlayStation outage meant some PS5, PS4 owners couldn’t start games or access multiplayer

Sony is investing even more into esports

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Stray improves adventure games by turning you into a cat

A change in perspective is just what the genre needed

Bungie is now officially part of Sony

Stray is getting a line of cute accessories for your IRL cat

Sony’s PlayStation Stars loyalty program has points and collectibles but not NFTs

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The best Prime Day 2022 gaming deals

The PlayStation 5 is available for Best Buy Totaltech subscribers beginning July 12th at 12PM ET (Update: sold out)

PlayStation Store removes purchased movies from libraries after service shutdown

Inscryption is coming to console with PlayStation port