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Suit up with Science Reporter Loren Grush as she experiences first-hand how astronauts really train to go to space. From preparing for spacewalks in virtual reality to flying around in zero-G, get ready for an experience that's out of this world.

AWS in space?

Amazon streamlined logistics for moving goods, and Amazon Web Services does the same for many operations on the internet. Now, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture has announced (in a brief post not much longer than this one) a familiar approach for its Blue Ring spacecraft platform and In-Space Systems business unit, built to support missions “in medium Earth orbit out to the cislunar region and beyond.”

The platform provides end-to-end services that span hosting, transportation, refueling, data relay, and logistics, including an “in-space” cloud computing capability. Blue Ring can host payloads of more than 3,000 kg and provides unprecedented delta-V capabilities and mission flexibility.

A rendering of a large satellite floating above the Earth
A Blue Ring rendering in space (image not to scale).
Image: Blue Origin
Virgin Galactic’s first crewed flight since 2021 was the last one before it goes commercial.

Unity 25 was the company’s first trip in nearly two years, but now Virgin Galactic (not Virgin Orbit, RIP) is preparing to launch “commercial spaceline operations” with the Galactic 01 mission in late June.

The mission flew 54.2 miles away from Earth’s surface (Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have opinions on whether or not that counts as spaceflight), and you can watch the recap right here.

Axiom Mission 2 crew checks in on their way to the International Space Station.

Axiom Space launched Ax-2 today, the second of four planned private missions to the space station. Of the four people on this trip (a seat reportedly costs about $55 million), mission commander Peggy Whitson is the most experienced, with three previous trips to the ISS under her belt and 665 days in space, more than any other American astronaut.

The Dragon spacecraft is scheduled to dock with the ISS on Monday morning at around 9:16AM ET.

A chance to see a 3D-printed rocket launch.

Relativity Space is making its third attempt to launch its 3D-printed rocket, Terran 1. You can watch the livestream below for a chance to see it happen, though at the moment there isn't a set T0 time.

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Virgin Orbit nearing deal for $200 million cash infusion.

The once-high-flying company has been struggling with “dwindling cash and mounting losses in recent quarters in a highly competitive market,” notes friend-of-The-Verge Joey Roulette.

Wreckage from the Challenger shuttle disaster discovered off Florida coast.

Divers found the 20-foot section bearing Challenger’s distinctive tiles on Thursday. The space shuttle exploded shortly after launch in 1986.

“This discovery gives us an opportunity to pause once again, to uplift the legacies of the seven pioneers we lost, and to reflect on how this tragedy changed us,” NASA administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement.

NASA’s Mars helicopter had a midair brain fart

Ingenuity made frantic attempts to correct ‘phantom errors’ based on glitchy navigation data