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Verge Science is here to bring you the most up-to-date space news and analysis, whether it’s about the latest findings from NASA or comprehensive coverage of the next SpaceX rocket launch to the International Space Station. We’ll take you inside the discoveries of new exoplanets, space weather, space policy, and the booming commercial space industry.

The FCC authorizes SpaceX’s Starlink system to be used on vehicles in motion

Virgin Orbit scrubs first night launch due to propellant temperature being ‘out of bounds’

SpaceX asks Starlink customers for support in wireless battle with Dish

A tiny NASA spacecraft launches to test out a new orbit around the Moon

The Mars Express spacecraft is finally getting a Windows 98 upgrade

Elon Musk’s Twitter chaos reaches SpaceX

Urban Sky’s Earth-imaging stratospheric ‘microballoons’ are ready for a close-up

Dress rehearsal for NASA’s deep-space rocket cut short by mere seconds

South Korea hits a space race milestone with latest rocket launch

Why getting hit by space dust is an unavoidable aspect of space travel

Lego’s original spaceship, the Galaxy Explorer, is back and better than ever

The 1979 classic returns with retractable landing gear

Hundreds of SpaceX employees signed letter denouncing Elon Musk’s behavior

This Week in Elon: smashing the irony button

SpaceX fires employees who wrote open letter complaining about Elon Musk

SpaceX employees draft open letter to company executives denouncing Elon Musk’s behavior

FAA requiring SpaceX to make changes to Texas launch site ahead of future launches

Astra’s failed launch resulted in the loss of two NASA weather satellites

Why France signing NASA’s lunar exploration pact is the most important signature yet

These little satellites could bring big advances to tropical storm forecasts

NASA is putting together a research team to study UFOs

Nope’s final trailer reveals true horror Jordan Peele’s been hiding this whole time

NASA’s new powerful space telescope gets hit by larger than expected micrometeoroid

NASA rolled out its new massive rocket to the launchpad for the second time

Chinese astronauts arrive at Tiangong space station to prepare for its completion

Watch Blue Origin launch its fifth passenger flight to the edge of space

This Week in Elon: Come back to the office, you’re fired

Biden wishes Elon Musk ‘lots of luck’ on Moon trip that NASA is funding

NASA outsources development of Moon spacesuit to two private companies

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft returns to Earth, wrapping up critical test mission

Starlink’s new RV plan lets buyers skip the line if they pay more for worse service

SpaceX’s Gwynne Shotwell defends Elon Musk to employees after allegations of sexual misconduct

Boeing’s Starliner successfully docks to the International Space Station for the first time