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Helmed by billionaire CEO Elon Musk, SpaceX has made a name for itself as a leading rocket launch provider. We bring you complete coverage of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket launches and landings, as well as SpaceX’s more ambitious exploration goals. That includes flying people around the Moon in the company’s Dragon capsule and starting a human colony on Mars.

SpaceX successfully launched and landed its Falcon 9 rocket on the California coast this morning

Why astronomers are worried that SpaceX’s satellite network will pollute the night sky

An astronomer captured SpaceX’s recently-launched Starlink satellites on video

SpaceX successfully launches first 60 satellites in massive Starlink internet constellation

Engineer charged with faking inspection reports for parts used in SpaceX rockets

Blue Origin and ULA are trying to intervene in SpaceX’s lawsuit against the government

SpaceX’s Starhopper moves closer to its first flight

How to watch space launches as they happen

SpaceX still doesn’t know why its spacecraft exploded last month

SpaceX successfully launches cargo mission to the International Space Station

NASA is working on a partial power outage on the space station that’s delaying a SpaceX launch

FCC approves SpaceX’s plans to fly internet-beaming satellites in a lower orbit

SpaceX is investigating the explosion of its spacecraft as NASA figures out how to move forward

SpaceX’s new passenger spacecraft suffers failure during engine test

SpaceX loses the center core of its Falcon Heavy rocket due to choppy seas

SpaceX lands all three Falcon Heavy rocket boosters for the first time ever

SpaceX’s powerful Falcon Heavy rocket successfully launched on its first commercial mission

SpaceX just fired up the engine on its test Starship vehicle for the first time

NASA making its Moon mission commercial could signal a paradigm shift for deep-space travel

Elon Musk’s last two weeks have been a wild ride

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon splashes down in the Atlantic, bringing its first crucial test flight to an end

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon has proved itself in space — now it has to get back to Earth in one piece

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule successfully docks to the ISS for the first time

SpaceX launches its new Crew Dragon capsule for the first time, paving the way for passenger flights

How to watch SpaceX’s Crew Dragon launch to space for the first time

SpaceX is set to launch a crucial test flight for NASA this weekend

NASA gives SpaceX the okay to launch new passenger spacecraft on uncrewed test flight

SpaceX launched a trio of spacecraft, including a lander bound for the Moon

SpaceX’s Air Force certification faces scrutiny from Pentagon auditor

SpaceX test fires the massive new engine for its next big rocket

Watch SpaceX get very close to catching its rocket’s nose cone during a test

SpaceX achieves testing milestone under the shadow of a government shutdown