The Future is Now: The Future of Retail

Acustom Apparel is the future of retail. It represents the most seamless example in the world of how powerful technology can radically change an industry that isn't inherently reliant on cutting-edge technology to move the needle. It is practical, innovative and above all the future of where this industry is moving.

Eager for an efficient alternative to hours spent in fitting rooms, Jamal employs revolutionary technology to provide a simple solution for consumers.

Acustom Apparel, which opened in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood late last year, offers an alternative to the traditional tailor. The shop’s founder, Jamal Motlagh, employs state-of-the-art, Intel-powered technology to generate custom clothing more efficiently, providing a simple solution for consumers seeking a proper fit. Acustom’s use of advanced 3D scanning technology and Intel-powered tablets offers a glimpse into the future of technologies that will soon help to revive brick-and-mortar retail.

We recently visited Jamal in his store to understand his process, his inspiration, and the technology he is using to redefine the retail experience. Watch to see how Jamal and Acustom are applying revolutionary Intel technology to a centuries-old business.

The Future is Now is a 10-part video series that explores people and companies using Intel-powered technology to reinvent the future.