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Spotify secretly launched a show with this controversial duo — it’s already a hit

The Obamas head to Audible

YouTube Music leapfrogs Spotify Wrapped with new seasonal recap playlists

Spotify will reduce hiring by 25 percent

Spotify seeks moderation advice as it amps up creator content

Spotify comes for audiobooks

Massive podcast outage caused by Spotify’s failure to renew security certificate

Conan O’Brien makes a $150 million podcast deal

Spotify is ‘blending’ your playlists with K-pop stars

Reply All co-hosts Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi to leave show

Spotify experiments with musician NFT galleries

Bill Simmons gets a big Spotify promotion

Spotify will shut down its radio-like listening app Stations on May 16th

Spotify brings music-themed islands to Roblox

Spotify’s subscribers rise to 182M despite Joe Rogan controversy

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Joe Rogan says he got a subscriber bump from all the controversy

And SiriusXM keeps making deals

Spotify opens up video podcasting to everyone in the US and select markets

The Obamas are leaving Spotify for a new multiplatform podcast deal

Spotify quietly shuts down Greenroom creator fund

Parcast union contract with Spotify includes pay raises and diversity promises

Spotify adds live audio programs and rebrands Greenroom app as Spotify Live

Spotify Car Thing gets ‘add to queue’ and call answering features

Substack makes a pitch for your podcasts

Spotify’s Featured Curator pilot highlights user-made playlists

Spotify tests a podcast discovery feed

Spotify is suspending its services in Russia

Spotify might soon bypass Android billing, but Google’s still getting paid

Spotify seems to be testing a revitalized Car Mode 

Spotify’s 2021 royalty report paints a rose-tinted vision of the music streaming industry

Google will test letting Android developers use their own billing systems

Ikea’s new Vappeby Bluetooth lamp speaker has Spotify Tap support

Spotify is reportedly moving live audio conversations to its main app