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Streaming Wars

Established streaming industry leaders like Netflix and Amazon are facing more competition than ever. Now legacy entertainment giants are in the game with their own subscription services, like Peacock, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, and the Disney Plus / Hulu / ESPN Plus bundle, while Apple TV Plus attacks around the edges. Meanwhile, the rise of ad-supported free platforms like Roku Channel and Pluto TV has attracted enough attention that Plex, YouTube, and Amazon’s Freevee are trying to get a chunk of the action too.

Jurassic World is making Peacock its dominion

House of the Dragon is a grim remix of an already gruesome song you’ve heard before

It looks like streaming ruled monthly TV viewing for the first time ever

HBO Max is offering 30 percent off a one-year subscription for new and returning subscribers

The Big Ten’s new deal makes sports streaming rights more confusing than ever

Code in the Netflix app suggests the ad-supported version may have a drawback

Netflix’s take on Wednesday Addams is the ultimate transfer student in series’ new trailer

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is peak uncanny valley, but it works

Disney Plus’ She-Hulk isn’t like those other legal sitcoms

Walmart Plus subscribers are about to get a lot of streaming content for free

Warner Bros. Discovery cuts around 70 jobs at HBO Max

The streaming bundle is a sneaky deal too good to pass up

Disney and Walmart are making bundles feel worth it

Guillermo del Toro is ready to share his nightmarish Cabinet of Curiosities with you

The DCEU has become a crisis of Warner Bros.’ own making

Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC Comic book movies are in a state of crisis

Channel stores are officially the hottest new thing in streaming

Vergecast: Samsung’s newest foldables and Disney’s prices go up

Disney Plus’ ad-supported plan will launch in December

Disney Plus and Hulu are getting steep price hikes

Apple won’t even tell Ben Stiller how many of you are watching Severance

Walmart is trying to build a streaming service, again

The Pokémon anime’s Arceus Chronicles special is headed to Netflix

Code in the Google TV app suggests 50 free TV channels are coming

HBO Max will be replaced next year by a new service combined with Discovery Plus

HBO Max might get maimed

She-Hulk episodes will debut on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays

The megamerger killed Batgirl

HBO Max’s $90 million Batgirl movie is headed to the vault

Daniel Radcliffe’s Weird Al biopic gets November release date

NFL Plus streaming has live games for $4.99 per month — but not on your TV

Marvel’s Phase 5 will kick off with Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania and end with Thunderbolts

The Sandman’s Comic-Con trailer teases endless possibilities

Netflix starts linking iPhone and iPad users to an external sign-up page

Streaming video apps all look the same now