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Sundance Film Festival

Our favorite feature films from Sundance 2018

A24’s unnerving Sundance hit Hereditary has a trailer and a release date

The best VR and AR from Sundance 2018, from haptic gloves to alien abduction

Summer of ‘84 is the grisly little brother of Stranger Things

I’m Poppy is as weird as its namesake YouTube star, but less intriguing

Lizzie is a subtle chamber drama about the infamous hatchet-wielding killer

I Think We’re Alone Now is a quiet, contemplative look at life after the apocalypse

BattleScar is a short animated ode to ‘70s punk, starring Rosario Dawson

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The surrealist horror film Mandy pits Nicolas Cage against murderous hippies

The Cleaners is a riveting documentary about how social media might be ruining the world

306 Hollywood feels like a whole new way of tackling documentaries

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Sundance 2018: Reviews and news from the premier independent-film festival

The disturbing single-location thriller The Guilty explores the problem with good intentions

Wolves in the Walls is a virtual friendship wrapped in a detective story

Neil Gaiman’s Wolves in the Walls will premiere as a VR experience at Sundance

Give Me Future is a powerful doc about Cuban youth culture disguised as an EDM concert

The debate over punching Nazis takes on extra weight in the timely American apocalyptic thriller Bushwick

Brigsby Bear is the warmest, sweetest movie about creativity since Be Kind Rewind

The directors of An Inconvenient Sequel on how anybody can help save the environment

An Inconvenient Sequel is a superhero movie about a sad Al Gore

A Ghost Story has it all: romance, metaphysics, and Rooney Mara eating pie for five minutes

The Big Sick is a hilarious, tearjerking rom-com starring Kumail Nanjiani

Netflix’s Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower is a rallying cry for a protest age

Colossal is a sharp, weird monster movie that seems destined to infuriate its fan base

Netflix’s dreary film The Discovery is Black Mirror meets Chicken Soup for the Soul

XX is a rambunctious horror anthology made by four promising female directors

How escape rooms and live theater are paving the way for VR

The 10 weirdest things at this year’s Sundance Film Festival

Our favorite films from the 2017 Sundance Film Festival

The best virtual reality from the 2017 Sundance Film Festival

Building the afro-feminist future at Sundance, one cyberpunk beauty salon at a time

Showtime’s election documentary Trumped is lazy mythmaking, not journalism