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This may not be the year the Super Bowl finally goes 4K, but The Verge is full of football fans who are looking to answer your big tech-related questions about Super Bowl LVI, which is airing on Sunday, February 13th, 2022.

“If you’re going to change the channel, why the hell are you changing it to watch this?”

A little insight into how Mr. and Mrs. Smith ended up in that Tubi Super Bowl commercial last night.

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Green light.

The Super Bowl is over, and all the advertisements are now easily available on YouTube (for movie trailers other than The Flash, check Polygon’s roundup linked below).

Did you check out Fox’s 1080p HDR-upconverted-to-4K broadcast? How’d it look?

Fox shares Elon Musk's real-time coordinates -- the kind of thing that gets journalists banned on Twitter.

He's in a luxury box at the Super Bowl, next to Rupert Murdoch (who also knows the pain of wasting money on a social media site you've purchased and run into the ground, even if MySpace only cost Fox $580 million instead of $44 billion).

But at least no one can tweet where Elon's private jet is.

Super Bowl LVII will be available in Dolby Vision on Comcast.

Fox is broadcasting this year’s Big Game on February 12th. And while most of us will have to settle for the standard upscaled “4K” presentation and regular HDR, Comcast is adding something extra: the game will be offered in Dolby Vision for Xfinity X1 cable customers.

“Comcast is taking the 4K HDR feed sent to them from Fox, which they analyze and send through Dolby’s live Dolby Vision production workflow and tools,” Dolby spokesperson Rachel Lowery told The Verge.

I have many questions. Stay tuned for more details.

Image: Comcast

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