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Super Bowl

This may not be the year the Super Bowl finally goes 4K, but The Verge is full of football fans who are looking to answer your big tech-related questions about Super Bowl LVI, which is airing on Sunday, February 13th, 2022.

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The great football series the NFL got canceled

Madden players can’t quit the game they hate

The Super Bowl won’t be lit: no cannabis ads allowed

The best streaming device deals for Super Bowl LVI

Amazon’s new Super Bowl ad features a creepy mind-reading Alexa

FuboTV is trying to sign people up for three-month plans, just in time for Super Bowl LVI

Sports streaming is busted — the Super Bowl likely won’t be any different

Don’t even think about asking for true 4K.

The best TVs to buy ahead of the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2022 won’t stream in 4K on NBC

Super Bowl 2021 was the most-streamed NFL game ever

Reddit bought a five-second Super Bowl spot celebrating GameStock

Super Bowl 2021: how to watch the NFL championship online

Amazon’s Super Bowl ad stars Michael B. Jordan as Alexa

Logitech made so much money during the pandemic it could afford this Super Bowl ad

PETA compared ‘speciesism’ to racism in allegedly banned Super Bowl ad

Super Bowl 2020: How to watch the big game online

Aluminum is replacing plastic at the Super Bowl

Dashlane brought back Deadspin for Super Bowl weekend under a new name

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Inside Fox’s first-ever 4K stream of Super Bowl LIV

Quibi tries to explain what Quibi is in a new Super Bowl commercial

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Here’s what you need to watch the Super Bowl in 4K HDR

Helping you find the right tech and the best deals without signing up for cable

Amazon’s disconcerting Super Bowl ad makes real people respond to questions we’d ask Alexa

New Toy Story 4 teaser brings Bo Peep back to the franchise

T-Mobile used a Twitter meme to give away Lyft rides