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A man made millions unlocking T-Mobile phones with stolen passwords

T-Mobile agrees to $350 million settlement over its massive 2021 data breach

JD Power study shows we’re noticing more problems with mobile networks, even with 5G

Sprint’s network has been officially retired

T-Mobile 5G home internet reaches 5 million new addresses in the middle of the country

OnePlus’ Nord N20 5G is now available unlocked

T-Mobile is selling your app usage data to advertisers — here’s how to opt out

The best phone plans in 2022 (and how to pick one)

Gas discounts and international data: here’s what T-Mobile’s adding to your plan

T-Mobile is combining more 5G bands for ridiculously fast network speeds

T-Mobile is now doing voice over 5G, ahead of most network operators

T-Mobile will now let you test drive its home internet for free

OnePlus Nord N20 5G review: a better budget phone

Lapsus$ hackers breached T-Mobile’s systems and stole its source code

The OnePlus N20 5G is headed to T-Mobile later this month for under $300

Unlimited Google Photos storage is back... for $15 per month at T-Mobile

T-Mobile begins shutdown of Sprint 3G network, to be completed ‘no later than May 31’

5G analysis shows C-band is helping Verizon, but it and AT&T still trail T-Mobile

My own phone number is now spam texting me

Did you recently get a spam text... from yourself? You’re not alone

T-Mobile’s new prepaid $10 per month Connect plan is its cheapest yet

T-Mobile is adding PIN protection to its port-out process

T-Mobile teams up with BMW for the first 5G-connected cars in the US

T-Mobile introduces a credit check-free version of its 5G home internet

What’s the difference between 5G, 5G Plus, 5G UW, and 5G UC?

T-Mobile will reportedly fire corporate employees who aren’t fully vaccinated by April 2nd

AT&T, Dish, and T-Mobile spend billions on more 5G spectrum

Apple and T-Mobile say iOS 15.2 didn’t switch off iCloud Private Relay

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile say they’re not blocking Apple’s iCloud Private Relay

T-Mobile identifies issue that prevented some iPhone users from using Private Relay

TCL is bringing two new budget 5G phones to US carriers

Verizon and AT&T cut a deal with the FAA, will hit the brakes on 5G C-band rollouts

Another T-Mobile cyberattack reportedly exposed customer info and SIMs