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The latest tech news about the world's best (and sometimes worst) hardware, apps, and much more. From top companies like Google and Apple to tiny startups vying for your attention, Verge Tech has the latest in what matters in technology daily.

Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ feature may get early-access release by the end of 2019

Fortnite’s black hole event broke Twitch and Twitter viewing records

AT&T claims a weeks-long voicemail outage will be fixed with a single device update

Google accused of spying with new tool that flags large employee meetings

Foxconn finally admits its empty Wisconsin ‘innovation centers’ aren’t being developed

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The Real-World AI Issue

How artificial intelligence and machine learning are affecting technology right now

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Tesla’s Smart Summon parking feature has been used over a million times

Trump’s China trade war is killing Roomba sales

Congress isn’t buying Mark Zuckerberg’s pitch for Libra

Tesla ekes out a profit as all eyes turn to its China Gigafactory

Samsung has reportedly fixed the Galaxy S10 fingerprint recognition issue

Microsoft’s Q1 earnings boosted by cloud and Office as Surface and Xbox stall

Zuckerberg claims it’s not about the money, while explaining how Libra will make money 

Google promises another Pixel 4 software update, this time for the screen’s refresh rate

How to take and view screenshots on an Apple Watch

How to turn GIFs into a wallpaper for your Apple Watch

Drivers are killing pedestrians at the highest rate in almost 30 years

YouTube’s first interactive original is a heist show starring gaming personality Markiplier

61 videos, 31 possible endings

Google just launched a handful of clever apps to help you spend less time on your phone

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Android 9 was installed on less than a quarter of the ecosystem as Android 10 launched

Google’s Pixel 4 was $100 off on Amazon for a second time

Hey Robot is a party game that tests how smart Alexa is

Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s Libra congressional testimony here

The OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition is T-Mobile’s second 5G phone

Axon, formerly Taser, plans to put automatic license plate readers on police dashboards