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Basis fitness tracking band can now tell when you're running, walking, or biking

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Basis Band Body IQ update
Basis Band Body IQ update

The Basis B1 fitness tracking band already had the ability to automatically detect when you were sleeping without the clunky button presses and mode shifts of its competitors, and now it can do the same with a variety of physical activities as well. A new update, dubber Body IQ, allows the device to automatically detect whether you're walking, running, or biking at any given time. That data is then automatically logged alongside your step count, body temperature, heart rate, and other data the Basis collects, essentially giving users a real-time log of their physical activity types without ever having to dive into an app or website. Products like the Nike+ FuelBand have been able to detect activity types for some time, but in Nike's case it's used to determine how much Fuel users are earning; the Basis update surfaces that information for users, enhancing the hands-free appeal of the tracker itself.

The Basis motivation system is centered around user-subscribed goals it calls "habit cards," and two new cards based around hitting a certain threshold of biking or running time are being added to the line-up now that the activity types are being broken out automatically. In conjunction with the Body IQ update, the company is also rolling out an update to its iOS app. The previous version had primarily been a syncing-only solution, given users a brief readout of their goal stats but providing limited functionality other than that. The new update lets users add new habits and drill down to view the Basis collection of body metrics as well, bringing the app in line with its Android counterpart. The Body IQ update is available today.