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Twitter for Android updated with new photo tools and recommended tweets

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twitter favorite account b
twitter favorite account b

Twitter's photo products have never seemed to resonate with users in the way that, say, Instagram's have. But in a development that should appeal to users who like hosting their pictures with the social network, Twitter updated its Android app today with new tools for cropping and rotating photos. It will also now nag you to tag any friends who might appear in the picture with an @ mention.

Perhaps more interestingly, the update contains Twitter's latest experiment with helping users discover interesting tweets. If you refresh your timeline and there are no new tweets to load, the app will now show you popular tweets, trending topics, and accounts you may want to follow. US users will also see TV, sports, and news updates, the company said in a blog post.

The update is rolling out now for Android, and the features will be coming to iPhone "soon," Twitter says.