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Twitter adds filters to let you search videos, photos, and news

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twitter compose
twitter compose

Twitter today rolled out new search features on the web to help users sort through tweets more efficiently. After entering a query in the search bar that appears on, you can now filter results by people, photos, videos, and news. You can also filter results to include tweets only from people you follow, or tweets that are near your current location.

The filters help make Twitter searches more useful at a time when the company is putting increased emphasis on images, videos, and the news. Video search contains an additional toggle that allows you to browse only Vines that contain your keyword. "As you see more photos in the product, you think of Twitter as a photo product," said Michael Sippey, Twitter's former head of product, in an interview with The Verge last month. The addition of new filters today shows that Twitter's embrace of different types of media is accelerating.