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Spotify is bringing its vast trove of playlist knowledge to naps

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Spotify takes on beets with dinner music

The idea of curating playlists for users is a big deal for music streaming services. It can lead to billion-dollar acquisitionsmillion-dollar acquisitions. For Spotify, it apparently leads to dinner music.

Spotify's Browse feature is the music service's attempt to make sense of the billion-plus playlists it has floating in the digital ether. Rather than force you to hunt down your own tunes, Browse lets you search for playlists by a theme, or an emotion — an upbeat set of tracks when you're perky, blues for when you're feeling more soulful. In an attempt to bring as much of the human emotional spectrum as possible to that system, the company has added a set of dinner- and sleep-themed playlists.

Along with the playlists already available, listeners can now jam to dinner-related playlists like Taco Tuesday, or, moving in to deep cuts, no less than three BBQ-inspired lists: Flaming Hot BBQ Classics, Breakbeat BBQ, and Reggae BBQ. An appropriately dreamy mix of sleep-themed tracks, like Nap Away, is also available. Maybe it'll even give you some control over what you're dreaming about at night.