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ReddX is the Xbox One's new dedicated Reddit app

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Pause GIFs and upvote with your voice

Microsoft is launching a dedicated Reddit app on Xbox One. ReddX, which allows Xbox One owners to browse the hyper-popular social network, submit their own links, and up and downvote content from the console, will be available on the system in North America from the 19th of August. Other apps, such as Reeddit, exist to make browsing Reddit easier with a controller, but Xbox's Larry Hyrb says ReddX is the first app ever built exclusively for a console.

Topics on the site's front page appear on the left hand side of the ReddX app, while images, YouTube videos, and GIFs will automatically load on the right. Users can zoom in on pictures, skip through videos, and — apparently using some kind of witchcraft — fast-forward, rewind, or pause animated GIFs. Xbox One owners with Kinects can use the fancy camera to control ReddX with their voice, meaning they'll be able to downvote everything they hate by just screaming at the TV. Later adopters who purchased Kinect-less Xbox One bundles will instead have to use either their controllers, or a device with the Xbox SmartGlass app installed to log in and make comments.

Users can fast-forward, pause, and rewind GIFs, somehow

ReddX is joined on the console by a new MTV app, which hosts sneak peeks, bonus clips, and full episodes of MTV shows for TV subscribers, and an update to the Xbox One's Twitch app. The new update allows streamers to capture audio from their Xbox One headsets while playing, and lets viewers see which live streams their friends are watching. ReddX is available tomorrow; Microsoft says the MTV app and Twitch update are coming soon.