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Twitter will soon let you bookmark tweets with a ‘save for later’ option

Twitter will soon let you bookmark tweets with a ‘save for later’ option


Never lose a story time thread again

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

A “save for later” option is coming to Twitter at an unannounced date, as spotted by BuzzFeed. Keith Coleman, the company’s head of product, announced the upcoming change in a tweet last night.

Coleman says a way for people to bookmark tweets has been a top request, and that the feature will allow people to return to tweets and stories later without having to use the “like” button as a workaround. Although it might seem odd, I’ve found myself wanting to use something like this in a variety of situations. There have been tweets I want to retweet or respond to at a later time, story time threads I think are hilarious and want to share with other people, and videos that only live on Twitter that I want to watch later.

Just the other night at dinner with my family, the topic of chicken sashimi came up (I swear). I remembered seeing a good recap video about it, but when I tried to Google it, I was at a loss. I eventually found it using some creative searches within Twitter, but it could have been a tap away had I been able to bookmark it when I first saw it.

Twitter product manager Jesar Shah then tweeted an early demo of what bookmarking might look like:

The announcement comes shortly after Twitter’s move to roll out 280-character tweets and a pledge to revisit its public guidance on what factors can lead to tweets being removed from the platform.