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New York City wants to host Amazon’s next headquarters

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Big Apple, big box

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Add NYC to the list of cities that want to be the home for Amazon’s new headquarters.

To inform its proposal, the city is asking for people, community organizations, and businesses to submit ideas and information about what the potential Amazon space and programs could look like. New York believes it’s a strong contender for a number of reasons, including its vast higher education system, diverse workforce, and proven track record with hosting tech headquarters. The city’s Google HQ now has 5,000 employees, making it Google’s largest workforce outside Silicon Valley.

While New York is far from being the next Silicon Valley, it does play host to Kickstarter, Tumblr, Etsy, and more. The amount of venture capital deals in NYC has also increased over the past four years, from 38 deals valued at $447 million in 2012 to 122 deals valued at $2.5 billion in 2016.

Amazon says it will invest around $5 billion in order to open and operate the new headquarters, and it will eventually provide 50,000 jobs. The company has expressed a preference for cities with more than 1 million people that can attract and retain technical talent. In its search, Amazon has requested cities submit proposals to identify incentive programs, like tax credits and utility incentives. So far, Chicago, Baltimore, Houston, Boston, Orlando, and more have already expressed formal interest. More than 50 cities are expected to submit bids by Amazon’s deadline of October 19th.