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Amazon slashes prices on 4K content in response to Apple TV 4K’s launch

Amazon slashes prices on 4K content in response to Apple TV 4K’s launch


Titles now start at around $5

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One of the many announcements at Apple’s keynote a couple weeks ago was that 4K movies would be added to iTunes at the same price as HD content. Previously purchased HD movies would also be upgraded to 4K for free, though for streaming only. In response, Amazon Video has drastically slashed the prices of its own 4K content to match iTunes.

As Pocket Lint notes, Amazon Video’s 4K selection is not only limited in comparison to Apple’s, but was incredibly expensive with purchases running over $30. (This price was comparable to services like Vudu and Google, but Apple’s worked out deals to offer 4K HDR movies at $19.99.) Over the weekend, it appears prices for 4K titles on Amazon Video are now starting at around $5, with newer releases in the range of $7 to $19.

Amazon has recently stopped selling the Fire TV amid rumors of new devices that will support 4K and HDR content; one will have a built-in IR blaster to control older TVs that don't support the HDMI-CEC standard. While that’s appealing, the new Apple TV 4K is now the only standalone box that supports the Dolby Vision HDR standard, and will eventually support Dolby Atmos surround sound. Apple’s version is definitely a little more of a luxury product, but with a more robust catalog and fuller high-end AV support coming, Amazon is certainly adjusting to compete.