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Watch Eminem’s Empire State Building performance, shot mostly on Google’s Pixel 3

Eminem performs his newest track, Venom

Self-proclaimed rap god Eminem and visionary director Terrence Malick officially have more in common than people may have thought: both partnered with Google for over-the-top Pixel 3 commercials. But whereas Malick’s commercial captured the Pixel 3 camera’s best qualities, Eminem’s gaudy performance failed the entire concept.

Eminem’s anticipated Empire State Building performance, which caught New Yorkers off guard last week when it was being filmed, was shot mostly on a Pixel 3, according to ABC. The video debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and it stars Eminem performing his new song “Venom” from Sony’s antihero blockbuster of the same name. It’s a surprising location choice considering Venom takes place in San Francisco, not New York City, but Kimmel brought his show to Brooklyn this week, which explains the theme.

It’s shot using 30 fps, and while Eminem’s performance is the initial draw, the video’s focus very quickly switches over to the Empire State Building’s EDM-like light show. The constantly shifting neon lights are rather painful to watch, and it makes the 30 fps resolution feel like 30 fps. Between the song (which isn’t likely to end up on Eminem’s next greatest hits collection) and the cheesy performance set to gimmicky light changes, the commercial doesn’t quite capture the Pixel 3’s abilities.

It’s not like Google hasn’t figured it out before, either. Back in April, John Legend shot an entire music video using a Pixel 2. Keeping that video more grounded allowed the Pixel’s camera abilities to flourish, diverting attention to John Legend’s music over the “shot on a smartphone” schtick.

Venom is currently playing in theaters, and the Pixel 3 is available now.