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How expensive is the most expensive iPhone XS around the world?

How expensive is the most expensive iPhone XS around the world?


The trend of gouging wallets continues

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Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge

The iPhone XS and XS Max are among the most expensive phones you can buy in the US. Where last year’s iPhone X jumpstarted the trend of $1,000 flagships, this year introduced the $1,100 device with a larger screen. And as was the case last year, those who live in other regions around the globe will be paying much more for Apple’s latest devices — as much as $1,389 in Italy for the cheapest model. Similarly, those in Italy buying the iPhone XS Max with 512GB of storage will be paying $1,971.

The now-normalized trend of wallet gouging outside of the US saw iPhone X’s starting price of $1,000 inflated north of $1,300 in places like Russia and Poland, among others.

iPhone XS and XS Max Price Comparison

CountryiPhone X at launchiPhone XS (64GB)iPhone XS Max (512GB)
Hong Kong$1,094$1,095$1,592

While it’s still true that Apple’s new phones continue to cost more outside of the US, scouting out the prices for the iPhone XS and XS Max shows that international pricing seems to have settled just a bit in countries that paid the most for the iPhone X last year at launch. In Russia, for example, the XS costs $1,292 — about $100 less than the iPhone X cost. Poland’s pricing is about $1,352, a mere $30 or so cheaper than the tag on last year’s phone.

Currency valuations play a big role in the pricing, as do import fees, and it’s well worth mentioning that many countries include taxes in the upfront cost, unlike in the US. An extra 5 to 10 percent sales tax rate will be tacked on in the states depending where you reside, but at most, a US resident is paying $1,099 for a base model iPhone XS with tax included.

Similar to last year, there are places outside of the US where it’s not ludicrously pricey to pick up a new iPhone. In Japan, the iPhone XS costs equivalent to $1,008, just a smidgen above US pricing, excluding tax. It’s just a bit more in Canada, too, sitting at a comparable $1,059.

When the $999 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 released last month, it fared much better in terms of price inflation around the world. The most expensive price we could find at its release was in South Korea, where Samsung charges citizens of its home country equivalent to $1,206. In Italy, Poland, and Russia, prices didn’t go above $1,180 for the phone.