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Apple vs. Qualcomm: all of the updates on the worldwide legal battle

Patently ridiculous

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For the past two years, Apple has been embroiled in a worldwide legal battle with Qualcomm. The dispute started at the beginning of 2017 when Apple sued Qualcomm for $1 billion. Apple claimed that the chip manufacturer had been charging excessive amounts for the use of its patents, which Apple argued was anti-competitive because it’s almost impossible to make a smartphone without them. Apple also claimed that Qualcomm was withholding $1 billion it was owed because it had cooperated with a South Korean investigation into the company.

The legal battle has continued ever since, and both companies are now fighting various proxy wars across the world. Qualcomm has tried to get Apple’s phones banned in the US, Germany, and China, and both companies have sued and countersued each other over numerous supposed patent violations. Qualcomm has even accused Apple of sharing its code with rival modem manufacturer Intel.

In the background, there could be an even bigger challenge for Qualcomm, which is also being sued by the Federal Trade Commission over alleged anti-competitive practices. The company has already been fined by regulators in China, South Korea, Taiwan, and the EU over the way it licenses its patents.

The battle is showing no sign of slowing, so read on for all of the latest news on this lengthy legal fight.