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The Raspberry Pi 5 is finally here

Four years since the launch of the Raspberry Pi 4, the Raspberry Pi 5 has arrived with a performance boost and in-house silicon that adds support for PCIe 2.0.


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Glowforge Aura review: a beginner-friendly laser cutter for hobbyists

For $1,199, the Aura comes nearly ready to use out of the box, complete with a library of readymade designs you can use for an added cost.

TIL someone got the amazing analog Space Command remote to control Alexa.

No batteries, no infrared — just the original “clicker” TV remote’s ultrasonic pings translated into digital commands by an Arduino computer, which then speaks in a robotic voice to get Alexa to do your bidding.

Here’s our Button of the Month about the 1956 gadget — and its service manual.

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One of the documents Google wanted hidden in its trial compared the search ads business to “cigarettes or drugs.”

Bloomberg reported yesterday that the “embarrassing” document that Judge Amit Mehta referenced when allowing the DOJ to post documents from the Google Antitrust trial was from a “mock” training session.

In it, Michael Roszak, Google’s VP of finance, reportedly called search ads one of the “greatest business models ever created” and likened it to “illicit businesses (cigarettes or drugs).”

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Among Us VR is leaving the Oculus Rift Store.

Developer Innersloth announced that the game won’t receive updates or further support on the platform starting October 4th, 2023. As for why, the developer cites “the discontinuation of the Rift S headset, and many Rift players already moving to SteamVR.”

Players can get a SteamVR key for the game by submitting proof of purchase, using this form, by October 20th, 2023.

AI antics at Paris Fashion Week.

Parisian brand Coperni can’t resist a fashion show stunt. This is the same company that orchestrated the viral Bella Hadid spray-on dress moment last year, followed by robot dogs shortly after.

This season, Coperni sent models down the runway wearing Humane’s “Ai Pin,” a buzzy and mysterious device that we don’t know much about yet. I say “stunt” because it doesn’t seem like they... used it at all?

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Don’t throw away your free at-home Covid tests from last year yet.

The government just extended the shelf life of some at-home tests in addition to announcing it’ll offer them for free again earlier this week. That means you might be able to use the tests you ordered last year, even if the kit “expired” in the past month. Just look up your kit in this table and click on the “extended expiration date” link to find out how much longer it’ll last.

At-Home OTC COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

[U.S. Food and Drug Administration]

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Bard could soon remember details from your previous conversations.

Google’s AI chatbot might get a new “Memory” feature that keeps track of your personal preferences and other important details, according to an early version of Bard’s UI viewed by 9to5Google. Bard may then use this information to tailor its future responses.

As shown in a screenshot shared by 9to5Google, this may mean you won’t have to remind Bard that you avoid eating meat when asking it to find recipes, or that you have two kids when prompting it to come up with a vacation itinerary.

iPhone 15 event: all the news on Apple’s new phones

Here’s the latest from Apple’s iPhone 15 event.

Today on The Vergecast: Meta’s good headsets and weird AI, the end of the writers strike, and ... that interview.

First we run through the greatest hits of the Code Conference (including Linda Yaccarino’s interview, which was ... something!). Then we catch up on all the news from Meta Connect, how Hollywood is approaching AI and data going forward, the Logitech racing chair of Nilay’s dreams, and much more. It’s The Vergecast, the flagship podcast of publishing late today.

New Ploopy alert!

From the makers of the Ploopy Classic, Ploopy Nano, Ploopy Mini, and Ploopy Headphones, it’s the Ploopy Adept! Like Ploopy’s other trackballs, it’s 3D-printed and open-source. This one is more like a Kensington Slimblade than the company’s previous designs. Trackball sickos rejoice.

Five Ploopy Adept trackballs in different colors on a yellow background. From front: Red case with an eight-ball trackball, brown with brown, blue with green, yellow with red, and purple with pink
The Ploopy Adept is an open-source 3D-printed slimblade-style DIY trackball, which is among the most beautiful phrases in the English language.
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Gmail’s client-side encryption now works on mobile for businesses that use Workspace.

After rolling out client-side encryption for Gmail on the web earlier this year, now Android and iOS business users can read and write encrypted messages, too.

The company announced the update on its Workspace blog and provided instructions on how to set it up. With the feature enabled, Google says “sensitive data in the email body and attachments are indecipherable to Google servers.”

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Gran Turismo Sport’s online services are shutting down.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive, first released in 2017, will stop offering online services on January 31st, 2024. From that point on, you’ll no longer be able to access Gran Turismo Sport’s community, open lobby, or sport mode.

But before that wider shutdown, developer Polyphony Digital says it will stop selling in-game add-on items, such as new vehicles and DLC, on December 1st, 2023.