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You've read all the reviews, but now you're actually ready to buy something and need to make a decision. The Verge Buying Guides are here for you — these are our go-to recommendations for the ultimate question: which one do I buy? Our picks aren't necessarily the best in every category, but they are the best choices for most people. We also aim to provide an alternative option if our main selection isn't the right one for you. Buying Guides are updated as new products are released and tested, so be sure to check back frequently for new information.

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Modern phones are too thick and heavy for cases.

A trend I’ve noticed about modern phones is they have crossed the threshold for being too thick and heavy to make cases comfortable. Adding a case has always introduced more thickness and weight — that’s the trade-off with getting better protection. But I spent months looking for something for my iPhone 13 Pro that didn’t make the thing miserable to hold and came up empty.

I love this guide by Allison Johnson for people like me — I’ve been using the dbrand leather skin on my iPhone in lieu of a case for about a year and I’ll never go back.

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