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TikTok is a social media app for making short-form lip sync, comedy, and talent videos. The app, which is created by the Chinese company ByteDance, was introduced in the United States 2017 and quickly became popular with younger users. By October 2018, it was the most-downloaded app in the US, and is now available in more than 150 markets around the world. TikTok makes personalized recommendations for what to watch based on users’ previous viewing sessions, making the app fun to use even for users who have not spent time searching for creators to follow. The app has unleashed a wave of creativity in its user base, with videos set to Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” propelling it to the top of the charts. More recently, though, the app’s Chinese ownership has drawn concerns over its data collection practices and the potential for TikTok to censor political speech.

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How the Buffalo shooting livestream went viral

Years after the Christchurch mosque attacks, what have platforms learned?

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Alaina Wood discusses her content and how climate doom impacts mental health

Pro-Biden super PAC launches six-figure paid influencer program

TikTok is testing a dislike button for comments

TikTok opens AR effects tool to all users

Biden group launches TikTok account to boost the president’s agenda

TikTok-viral Unofficial Bridgerton Musical wins Grammy for best musical theater album

Facebook funded anti-TikTok campaign through GOP firm

TikTok is testing a ‘Watch History’ so you can finally find that video you saw

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The vibe shift in Silicon Valley

Notes on where tech power is moving in the Biden years

TikTok is rolling out its Snapchat-style stories to more users

Ukrainian influencers bring the frontlines to TikTok

They used to post about fashion and crypto. Then the Russians invaded.