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Watch Valve’s Gabe Newell deliver Steam Decks to mostly confused customers

Storm-battered UK unites behind live stream of planes trying desperately to land

1,000 Porsches are burning aboard this abandoned cargo ship

Master Chief’s chili recipe needs a day one patch

No, The New York Times did not make Wordle harder

Just a coincidence

Was that a tabletop bowling toy in Book of Boba Fett?

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I do not fear Jurassic World Dominion’s dinosaurs or its raptor-infested future

Raptors are just large chickens and I could take one

Yep, Android 13’s dessert codename is ‘Tiramisu’ after all

Even Twitter has forgotten about Fleets

Exclusive GTA Online tracks from Dr. Dre now on Spotify and Apple Music

Today I learned a handy trick to zoom in and out of Google Maps

It’s pronounced “neft”

The biting lip emoji coming in iOS 15.4 will instantly make conversations awkward

There are 36 other emoji to enjoy, though