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Merry Christmas: The Boston Dynamics dog has learned how to be Solid Snake

Cortana would be named Bingo if Steve Ballmer had his way

Taco Bell had beef with Beyond Meat’s fake carne asada

Tom Brady’s best throw of the night destroys Microsoft tablet

This cute EV off-road buggy concept arrived just in time for the weekend

Sell me the bulked-up golf cart

The only Christmas tradition I care about is Sweden’s arson goat

After 21 years Google Toolbar is finally gone, so we installed it one last time

It seems even Apple’s Eddy Cue can’t find an Xbox without Twitter

Keanu Reeves doesn’t get the NFT hype either

Neo is a HODLer

Build-A-Bear’s new Matrix Bear probably doesn’t know kung fu

I regret to inform you that Digital Human as a Service (DHaaS) is now an acronym

Courtney Love says she has Elon Musk’s private emails

‘Face with tears of joy’ is once again the most-used emoji

You, too, can have a Jack Dorsey-like block profile picture

Hawkeye’s trick USB arrow is in desperate need of a dongle

Microsoft is selling ugly Windows sweaters again, and this time, it’s Minesweeper

These transparent Apple prototypes clearly show the greatness of see-through gadgets

You probably have better options than the candy bar-shaped monitor

Vertical monitor stand who?

Chris Pratt can be Mario because they’ve apparently got that whole Italian thing figured out

Halo Infinite turned Craig into a rock star

The NFT Bay asks if you would steal all the JPEGs

Barbie EV mockup debuts, and on an unrelated note, Mattel’s stock is up

Hyundai’s restomod Grandeur is the perfect EV for a supervillain

Metaverse, schmetaverse — take me to the Icelandverse

You probably can’t afford this hideous Gucci Xbox

Google’s Pet Portraits lets you find art look-alikes for your furry friend