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Taylor Swift hits #1 on Canadian iTunes chart with eight seconds of white noise

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Last night, Taylor Swift used Canada in a test of her power. Be it an accident or just a show of force, the singer released eight seconds of white noise for $1.29 — and subsequently topped Canadian iTunes charts. Number one. You can listen to the song in its entirety above.

swift bests canada

"Track 3" is no longer on sale, but as of last night, eight seconds of white noise was more popular than all other music in Canada's iTunes store, including Swift's other songs, which were released with full musical accompaniment and vocals.

Swift's actual track 3 (actual name TBD) does have actual lyrics, as teased on her Instagram account: I say "I heard that you've been out and about with some other girl" — all followed by an extended, anxiety-inducing, 29-dot ellipses. 1989, an album whose third track is probably longer than eight seconds, is set for official release next week.

According to sources familiar with making very wild and elaborate guesses, U2 is seeing this story and scratching their heads.

Track 3 #1989lyrics

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