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Not even the Statue of Liberty is safe from brands

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The only thing between you and freedom is a 35-pound bow tie

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In the early 1900s, the Statue of Liberty changed from a dull copper hue to the green tint we know today, because by then green was in style and dull copper was basically passé (also because of oxidation). At 8AM this Halloween, the Statue of Liberty is getting outfitted with designer bow ties in the name of fashion.

... Or so #brands would like you to believe — specifically Joe Boxer founder Nick Graham, who's decided to use helicopters to fly 60-foot wide, 35-pound bow ties in front of lady liberty in celebration of the launch of his new brand, "Nick Graham."

Liberty brands presser

via Gothamist

The idea was first floated publicly in an October 14th press release from Nick Graham the brand, which said that Nick Graham (the person, presumably) "hinted that later in the fall his campaign would involve helicopters, 80' bow ties, and the Statue of Liberty." That's right, Graham quoted Graham but only as a rumor.

According to today's media blast, both the National Parks Services and FAA have given this marketing stunt permission. But the FAA tells Gothamist that it "has not received any applications for waivers to carry giant bowties via helicopters in front of the Statue of Liberty" while the National Parks Services tells USA Today that "[they] were told it would be taking place 1,000 feet from Liberty Island, which would make it not on our property."

That's about three football fields between lady liberty and designer neckwear but still close enough to convince people who are looking at it from just the right angle. Forced perspective, emphasis on "forced."

So no, lady liberty will not be wearing a bow tie on Halloween — but yes, it'll probably look like it from Manhattan, welcoming people to the United States of #Brands.