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Marc Newson's last pre-Apple designs include a shotgun and a beer keg

Marc Newson's last pre-Apple designs include a shotgun and a beer keg

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The picture above isn't Marc Newson's design, but according to Dezeen, his version of the Beretta 486 Parallelo (actually pictured) will be unveiled at an event in London on November 13th. The famous designer, who as of joined his friend Jony Ive at Apple, has been collaborating with the centuries-old Italian gun manufacturer for at least couple years. Here's a blurb from a 2012 New York Times profile where he presented to Beretta 3D models of his design:

Suffice to say that designing a shotgun is akin to staging a ballet in a phone booth, and most of what Newson could do entailed making subtle changes on the surface of a mechanical apparatus that has been essentially unchanged for at least a hundred years. The discussion in English and Italian was scrupulously technical; after two hours I was mercifully invited to tour the company museum. Newson was scheduled to depart at 1 p.m. Register would be staying on a few days to work out engineering details for the prospective design. As we headed to the airport in Brescia, I asked Newson how in less than 48 hours he could zigzag from bunk beds to rocking horses to a shotgun.

"It's just mental calisthenics," he said. "The only difference is material and scale. It's the same métier. You just apply the same logic to many different things. It's what keeps me sane. I'd go insane if I had to do the same thing all the time."

And if that's not enough, Newson's "draught beer appliance" (read: mini-keg) collaboration with Heineken and Krups is reportedly coming out soon. (Dezeen has an interview with Newson about the Sub.) The cask, which holds two liters of beer at a time by way of a "torp" (i.e. "torpedo"), was originally unveiled last October:

None of this has to do with Newson's work at Apple. Probably not, at least