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OK Go's video for 'I Won't Let You Down' is a wild ride on robot scooters

OK Go's video for 'I Won't Let You Down' is a wild ride on robot scooters


Scooter dancing is the new twerking

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I don't really like OK Go, honestly. I don't think I could name four of their songs, but I do remember The Treadmill Video, and The Rube Goldberg Machine Video, and The Video With All The Paint. That's because OK Go is the true master of the viral music video, the song meant to be watched on YouTube rather than listened to on Spotify. (Is OK Go even on Spotify? I've never actually checked. It doesn't really matter.)

Eventually, it seems likely the band will run out of wild ideas, but its latest video – for "I Won't Let You Down" — is as ingenious as ever. In classic OK Go style, it's tightly choreographed and seems to take place in a strange warehouse. This time it's all set on self-balancing scooters, which the four bandmates ride through what becomes a kaleidoscope of humans and umbrellas. (It's directed by Morihiro Harano, a well-known Japanese director who's made plenty of ambitious commercials.) At the end, the kaleidoscope becomes a human Lite-Brite LED ticker, because apparently the video wasn't ambitious enough before. It's shot a bit like live-action stop-motion, with amazingly tricky drone camera work, and as ever it makes me wonder how many takes this one-shot video took to get just right.

The song is, well, fine, but it's not really the point. Watch the video on mute, set it to "Pony," or whatever you want. Just watch the video.