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    The creator of Soylent stopped pooping to use less water

    The creator of Soylent stopped pooping to use less water

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    Justin Sullivan

    Rob Rhinehart, the masochist behind homogenous food paste Soylent, is a quotable character. That's not much of a surprise; the man replaced a majority of his food intake with a brown liquid, after all.

    Now that he's hacked food, he's turned his attention to "hacking water." Billions of people globally live without reliable access to clean water; the American West is in the throes of a historically devastating draught, too, which makes it a more directly relatable problem for Silicon Valley types with money and a penchant for disrupting things.

    Rhinehart took on the 4 Liter Challenge issued by clean water nonprofit Digdeep, which just asks people to try to keep their water usage under four liters per day. And Rhinehart, being Rhinehart, took it to the extreme.

    He decided to stop pooping, for instance.

    Let's take a look at some of the most ridiculous quotes from his blog post:

    7. "To avoid [foods that require a lot of water to produce] I consumed nothing but Soylent throughout the challenge."

    Of course you did. I would expect no less from the creator of Soylent.

    6. "If there's anything as amazing as water it's petroleum."

    Tesla might disagree.

    5. "I massacred my gut bacteria the day before by consuming a DIY Soylent version with no fiber and taking 500mg of Rifaximin, an antibiotic with poor bioavailability, meaning it stays in your gut and kills bacteria."

    What kind of street dealer do you need to see to get your Rifaximin fix?

    4. "Throughout the challenge I did not defecate."

    Presented without comment.

    3. "Nitrosomonas eutropha taking over my skin now metabolizes ammonia into odorless nitrite and nitric oxide. Success!"


    2. "I found a Nomex flight suit on Alibaba and added a 'Soylent' patch."

    Now we know why Alibaba's worth nearly a quarter trillion dollars: Nomex flight suits.

    1. "This means we could manufacture water out of sunlight, CO2 and flatulence. What if we scaled this up?"

    What if?

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