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Wear Hello Kitty on your ears with these special edition Beats headphones

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Two new ways to skin a cat

Beats headphones have always been just as much — if not more — about making a fashion statement as they've been about sounding good. Now, a new collaboration with Japanese company Sanrio is about to tip the scales even further. To honor the 40th anniversary of the Hello Kitty franchise, the audio industry giant will be releasing new versions of its staple Solo2 headphones and urBeats earbuds next month adorned with images of iconic bow-wearing cat. (Or is just the personification of a cat? We're actually still not clear on that whole cat/not a cat thing). Rabid fans who can't wait a few weeks to get a real-life look can do so this weekend at the official unveiling during Hello Kitty Con 2014 in Los Angeles.

The bigger, Kitty-covered cans will go on sale starting in mid-November, and will cost $249.95, while the bow-emblazoned urBeats will run $199.95 and come with a Kitty-shaped carrying case. Both sets are $50 more than their un-skinned counterparts, however, so they're likely only enticing to fans of the feline franchise or people who can relate to the Sanrio's kafkaesque existential quandary.