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Watch Mike Tyson fight himself in the 1987 'Punch-Out' for NES

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In a match for the ages, Mike Tyson faced off against his famous digital self in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! last night, pitting the retired, 48-year-old boxer against a roughly constructed 21-year-old version of himself in front of the Tonight Show audience. Tyson appeared a bit hesitant to begin the fight, and we can't blame him: his digital self serves as the final fight in Punch-Out, which really shouldn't be taken lightly. "I would be killed, man," Tyson says after Jimmy Fallon issues him the challenge. "He beats everybody. I met one little kid, around 10 years old, who said he beat me." Tyson gets into it once the fight is going, but as many have discovered, enthusiasm isn't always enough.