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See every Apple product ever made on one poster

See every Apple product ever made on one poster


Even the terrible hockey puck mouse

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It's maybe not as iconic as a blacklight Led Zeppelin poster, or this cat parading as an actual sandwich, but Pop Chart Lab has a freshly updated version of its history of Apple products poster. It goes all the way back to 1976, when the company was making the Apple I, and includes everything since then for a grand total of 534 products on a single page. New in this version are recently released products like the iMac with Retina display and iPad Air 2, as well as upcoming products like the Apple Watch.

The poster is printed on canvas using 15 different inks, and costs $80, though is on sale for $64 today. You can also gawk at it for free on Pop Chart Lab's site. If you're into this, they make similar ones for music players, cameras, and video game controllers.

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