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This is the most insane car video you'll watch this year

This is the most insane car video you'll watch this year

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Ken Block, one of the founders of DC Shoes, is better known these days for being one of the most ridiculous precision drivers on the planet: he competes in rally racing around the globe and periodically releases videos in which he performs absolutely absurd maneuvers that don't seem to abide by the laws of physics or common sense.

His latest, Gymkhana Seven, is a shining example of that. Block rips through Los Angeles in a custom-designed, all-wheel-drive 1965 Mustang packing well over 800 horsepower. Highlights include a simulated white Bronco police chase (of OJ Simpson fame), one of the smokiest burnouts I've ever seen in my life, and a death-defying move in which Block drifts underneath a hydraulic lowrider that is mid-bounce.

Whenever I'm feeling blue about the state of the auto industry, stunts like this remind me that cars are some of the coolest objects on the planet. Don't ever stop, Ken Block.

Ken Block Gym 7