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Liam Payne's selfie angst deserves your sympathy

Liam Payne's selfie angst deserves your sympathy

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Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Selfies are the new celebrity signatures, this is known. Liam Payne is a member of One Direction and therefore in very high demand for selfies with fans. This is also known. What's less known, perhaps, is how he feels about the confluence of these facts. Let the following Vine of Payne taking a series of selfies at the Aria awards change that:

Yes, you are tempted to watch this loop over and over, to see Payne's face drop for the tiniest moment between fans before flashing another (possibly fake?) smile. It's human and hard and funny, it's a glimpse into a famous person's real feelings instead of their carefully-massaged image. It's like when you walk out of a hard meeting with your boss and exhale: that was bad, but you got this, ok, once more unto the TPS Report breach.

Those aren't fake smiles, they're human

Except it's not like that, it is that. Instead of looking at Payne's face, look at the massive crowd behind him. These are his bosses: they are demanding, unrelenting, and completely oblivious to his daily grind of appeasing fans and being kind to each and every one of them. But not even just them, to the digital extensions of their selves, their phones. You have one boss, Payne has millions. Let the dude exhale in between talking to them. Those aren't fake smiles, they're genuinely human.

Since he was outed as a human and not a smiling cybernetic being on a Vine, it's only fitting that Payne responds to everybody who called his smiles fake on Twitter:

Smile, monkey, smile. Then dance for us. Then exhale. It's cool, we'll look away next time, we promise.