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People are already making awesome fan art for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

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Legion of Potatoes via Tumblr

Whether or not you were in a theater, we all got our first glimpse of Star Wars: The Force Awakens today. The long-awaited teaser showed off some familiar settings, briefly introduced us to a few new characters, and debuted a cross-shaped lightsaber that has already become both a meme and a source of heated debate. There's just a handful of scenes, and it's been online for less than 12 hours, but that's apparently enough time for the creative hive-mind of the internet to start churning out some stellar fan art.

(Source: Phil Noto via Tumblr)

Starwars The Force Awakens by Bosslogix on deviantART

Legion of Potatoes Star Wars Fan Art

(Source: Legion of Potatoes via Tumblr)

Seeduality Star Wars Fan Art

(Source: Seeduality on Tumblr)

Kotay111 Star Wars Fan Art

(Source: Kotay111 on Tumblr)

Enerjax star wars fan art

(Source: Enerjax via Tumblr)

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