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Someone recreated the new 'Star Wars' trailer in Lego and it's fantastic

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Let's talk about that Lego lightsaber

Maybe you've seen the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer 500 times already. Maybe you haven't — that'd be just over 12 hours, which is ridiculous. But have you seen it in Lego?

That is to say, have you seen the new droid ball... in Lego?

Droid ball lego

What about that new lightsaber... in Lego?

Lego lightsaber gif

In less than 24 hours, YouTube user Snooperking has uploaded a shot-for-shot remake of the new Star Wars trailer. It's by no means the last one we'll see — be it another Lego version or a "sweded" version or perhaps a fan-made remake compiled by Lucasfilm itself — but it's no less impressive.

And lest we forget, Lego and Star Wars are inextricably connected. A Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game is inevitable, albeit a little lighter in tone. And as for an offline set, yes, we'd like that three-prong "claymore" lightsaber handle piece ASAP, thank you.