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Relive the kitschy theme park stage shows of your childhood with the help of YouTube

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In the year 30XX, all that will remain is the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

The Hunger Games is becoming a stage show in London, according to today's announcement from Lionsgate.

London has become a bastion for spectacle theater — and all theater, really — thanks to the RSC, The National Theatre, and Punchdrunk. Odds are this show won't be as insufferable as it might sound. And it almost certainly won't be as surreal and cheap as those movie-to-stage show adaptations that buffered the long waits at theme parks of our childhood.

Remember those? This news knocked me down a rabbit hole of home videos posted onto YouTube of these cultural oddities. I've included my favorite below. WaterWorld, the best stage show, gets three spots because dry land is a myth, and also because I just learned about its Halloween alternate show, Slaughterworld.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular:



Conan the Barbarian:

Rocky Horror Picture Show:



Batman Forever:

Star Wars:

Looney Tunes: