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I think Twitter is pranking me

I think Twitter is pranking me


'Boner witch (@WitchBoner) is now on Twitter!'

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Yesterday, I wrote about deleting Twitter from my phone. An hour ago, I received an email notification from Twitter that Boner Witch, aka @WitchBoner, had joined the service. Is this Twitter's plan to win me back? And who is Boner Witch?

An Incognito Mode Google Search for Boner Witch finds surprisingly few witches with erect penises, but does reveal a history of this user name across different social media channels. Boner Witch has a pretty solid Tumblr page with thousands of entries, along with accounts on and Instagram.

I believe the Boner Witch found on Google is a young woman who enjoys posting pictures of cats and listening to rap and hard metal, particularly a band called Eyehategod. I thought I'd hate Eyehategod, but surprisingly I don't mind Eyehategod. So thanks for that Boner Witch, and thank you Twitter for letting me know Boner Witch is a person I should follow.

I do feel a little guilty for learning so much about Boner Witch. Twitter words these emails as if we might know the people it recommends we follow. But that downplays this odd side-effect of accidental introductions to people that — assuming the algorithm spots similarities between two humans — we don't know, but maybe should know. Should I know Boner Witch? I'm going to follow Boner Witch to find out.

If you want to join me on this little social experiment, go to your inbox and search for "Someone you may know is now on Twitter." A handful of my Verge colleagues tried this and only found a one or two results each. One person got his uncle, another got something called @contracodebk. I, as we know, got Boner Witch.

Let's reconvene at a later date to discuss our findings.