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Satellite photos of deserts and airports make perfect phone wallpapers

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And this Tumblr user is finding the best

This hopefully won't surprise you, but the planet we live on is full of beauty — especially when it's photographed from way, way up above. And while the puny human astronauts aboard the International Space Station do an amazing job capturing it themselves, there are plenty of satellites outpacing them with their automatic imaging. If you want to take some of this beauty with you everywhere you go, someone's already doing the work for you on Tumblr by finding and cropping the best shots to fit the aspect ratio of most new phones.

Aerial Wallpapers

In the last few years we've crossed into the age of Retina displays and Quad HD smartphones — which means if you haven't stepped up your phone wallpaper game, it's high time you replaced that blurry picture of your dog with something that takes full advantage of your screen. Considering we spend so much time looking at them, why wouldn't you want to reflect on this stunning orb we call home while you're doing it?