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The Supreme Court just redefined California's boundaries with this crazy document

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'BEGINNING AT 482577.890 3599275.555 BY ARC CENTERED AT 488133.576 3599216.475 TO 482623.800 3599931.673'

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When you're the highest court in the land, there has to be a specific way of doing things. Whether it's not allowing video cameras, naming cases for the inanimate objects involved, or this peculiar decree released today, the Supreme Court never ceases to take a case and get weird with it. The latest example: in an effort to update the specific legal boundaries that separate the coast of California from the land submerged in the Pacific Ocean, the Court released a 112-page document — 108 pages of which are full of nothing but actual coordinates.

It's like trying to look at the code of the Matrix to see what's Neo's up to, except you're actually reading information about rocks and dirt. If you're patient enough to scroll through the entire thing, you'll finally reach the document's only graphic — an actual map of the changes.

We did that for you. Here's the new California:

California new map