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This is how Serial will end, according to Funny or Die

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I have a few theories about Serial, the massively popular true-crime podcast that has taken the listening world by storm over its first 11 episodes. (My favorite involves a Lost-like time-travel device in which no one actually did it and this isn't actually a profoundly depressing true story. Or that it was the Mail Chimp monkey all along.)

We're less than 24 hours from the release of the final episode of this season of Serial, in which we will get all the answers we've been waiting for. Or we won't get any of them. Or maybe we'll get a few. But ahead of the finale, Funny or Die has released its guess as to how the show is going to end — and it's perfect. (It's also a parody, guys.)

I always knew it would be all about the money. Stacks on Mail Kimp stacks.

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