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There's hope for the film industry — this Backstreet Boys documentary looks pretty great

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Assuming we are still allowed to distribute motion pictures in 2015 without first getting the OK from Pyongyang, this upcoming documentary about everyone's second favorite '90s boy band could merit a download. In Show Em What You're Made Of, Filmmaker Stephen Kijak (who directed the generally-accepted 2008 Scott Walker documentary 30th Century Man) lets the Boys tell their story of their heydey and fall from grace in their own words, and then follows them during their 2012 reunion as they record their big comeback album. (Insert charitable smile.)

"What do you do when you're a full grown man in a boy band?"

The real reason to check this thing out? Nick, Brian, Kevin, A.J., and Howie finally spilling the dirt on Lou Pearlman, the notorious svengali / con man who assembled the group and eventually took millions of their earnings, as was the fashion in those days. That's an E! True Orlando Story just waiting for a good telling.