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This is the most hilarious local TV weather report we've ever seen

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'How about pets and plants? We can draw that!'

"This is the only weather map we have to work with right now. Dean has questions so maybe we'll have to do a little question-and-answer session here soon."

What do you do when you're a local weather reporter and the computer that animates the forecast for the green screen freezes up? Yes, that's right: you get help for your friends.

Other than some grumbling, the first 80 seconds or so is actually pretty normal. At that point, the audience is introduced to local news hijinks — silly but nothing too out of the ordinary. It isn't until 2:15 that we reach the zenith of local news surrealism. It's better than 1,000 holographic Wolf Blitzers.

But it doesn't end there, of course! ABC News 4, knowing that there is currency is local news shenanigans, released bonus footage.

All I can think is, what if this had happened in the final moments of Al Roker's 34-hour forecast-a-thon? What amazing performance art would we have gotten then? I bet it'd involve sock puppets.