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The five most important things we might have learned from Ant-Man's very tiny teaser

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Marvel blessed us with a teaser for the Ant-Man teaser earlier today, the upcoming superhero flick starring everybody's favorite "guy next-door" Paul Rudd. While it was a coy attempt to tantalize without giving away much detail, the studio execs obviously don't watch enough police procedurals and therefore forgot about our ability to zoom-and-enhance. What we're left with is a surprising amount of casting reveals and cameos that show the studio's unraveling faith in the star power of Rudd.

Ant-Man still 1

Paul Rudd will certainly be in this movie, which we already knew. But what we didn't know was that he would appear next to Ranger Smith from the Yogi Bear cartoons. That seems like a confusing creative choice by Marvel until you realize that Ant-Man was created the same year that Yogi Bear ended its run in 1962.

Ant-man still

This body of water will appear, if only for a few frames. Is it a lake? Is it a bay? Is it an estuary? And will it buck the trendy saltwater that makes up 95 percent of the Earth's H20 for a more rejuvenating freshwater composition?

ant-man still

Don't let this messy batch of pixels fool you, this still appears to confirm that Roron Corobb — the Ithorian Jedi Master from Star Wars: Clone Wars — is going to make an appearance in Ant-Man. What else could that blue cylinder be but the plasma of a lightsaber? Disney also owns the Star Wars trademarks, so a crossover makes synergistic sense, but what could this mean for The Force Awakens?

Ant-man still

Someone at Marvel obviously got a little too cute with this teaser, as about halfway through there a clearly identifiable shot of Snorlax. Snorlax, who is a Pokémon, is not controlled by Disney, so look for this to be cut before the feature film debuts.

ant-man still

Obviously worried about the implications of Paul Rudd being the biggest star in one of its blockbusters, Marvel has ensured the film will spark the internet's interest by including a scene that features the man behind the voice behind Groot: Vin Diesel. His recent tease of his own, cast in this new light, now seems to have been referring to more than just an upcoming role in a potential Inhuman flick. Videos have become a huge part of Facebook's game, so it makes sense that Marvel would want to have the most popular man found on the social network on retainer so he can be cast in every release.

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