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This Skyrim vs. Fallout video is impressive, funny, and ultra-violent

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Two video game heroes enter the ring. One survives

"Fallout vs Skyrim" is a YouTube video that imagines the protagonists of the two role-playing games in a battle to the death. Thought it's just a three-minute long fight scene, the vignette stands above so many video game parody videos thanks to impressive special effects, smart choreography, and restrained pacing.

Immortal combat

For over four years the short's creator, AndrewMfilms, has been directing video game-inspired videos for YouTube. "Fallout vs Skyrim" is actually his second face-off. Four months ago, he published "Mario vs Minecraft," which currently has over 11.5 million views on his channel. "Fallout vs Skyrim," released within the past 24 hours, already has over a half million views.

Clearly the video game community is thirsty for violent mashups. Then again, Nintendo's known that for years.

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